Huge gaps between photographs in my post

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    For the last few times that I’ve posted a blog, the photographs that I add have huge spaces in between each one. It’s annoying to have to scroll down so much to get to the next photograph. There aren’t any spaces when I load them. Any ideas why this is happening?




    A link to your blog please…



    If it’s , you’ve got a ton of <p> </p> in your html. Try going into the html editor and just stripping those out.


    yes, that is my link…….I will have a look at that. Just get rid of the <p> </p> and that will take care of it?


    okay, i got it figured out now. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I’m not sure why it put all those gaps in between the photos. Now I know what to look at to fix it.

    Thanks again,

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