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huge images

  1. Hi,
    I am new here. Maybe someone can help me.
    When I try to post an image from the My Pictures folder in my computer, the image shows up HUGE in my edit post mode, and I can't resize it with the arrows. I would like to know how to resize the image and how to put a caption underneath. Also, can the images be moved in the post mode?

    I was also wondering if you can put three images next to each other - left, center and right, with captions underneath. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Try optimizing your images before you upload them:

  3. Hi there -- I'm also new and having trouble resizing! Have you figured it out yet? Any words of encouragement?

  4. Hi there dickerson, have you read the FAQ entry ellaella has linked to above?

  5. Yes, I'm completely new to this so will have to read it many times over before it sinks in!
    In the instructions for uploading photos, it said there would be an option to use either fullsize or thumbnails, but my template does not have a thumbnail option....? I'll eventually figure it out, just looking for a shortcut!

  6. WordPress can't create thumbnails if the image you upload is too large.

  7. OK, one last post before I go. Images uploaded with the long dimension over 2000px will not have a thumbnail option as explained here:

  8. dickerson: when you upload the image on the 'Write Post' page you are confronted with these options as your second stage. There you can choose to display the full image or a thumbnail.

  9. hmm... i think it might work if you upload your photos onto image hosters, like photobucket (, tinypic (, or imageshack ( maybe it will work, i'm not too sure :|. hope it helps,

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