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Huge mistake in French localization

  1. Hi,

    My current template shows: "Publier sur WordPress" at the bottom. "Publié sur WordPress" is the correct version.

    On the ladder of dumbness, this mistake equates to confusing you're and your in English.

  2. Believe me, lots of people do :)

    Is that string at , or just in one theme?

  3. :)

    Need a space before the comma after .com or the link won't work

  4. Fixed for Mark.

  5. ;-)

    rather has to be fixed for bbPress we're using here, since it's a bug of it.

    a comma can't be used in URI because it is a character reserved as a delimiter.

    it is fairly reasonable that Mark has used comma exactly as it's supposed to.

  6. Yes, but the reality is, no matter the reason, it keeps the link from working. Some people would not know to copy the link (minus the comma) into their browser address bar.

  7. Options, of course, your are correct, but your comment might come across as lecturing. Did you look to see if this issue is filed? Did you file the bug?

    Before writing the comment, I had confirmed that this is reported in WordPress that shares this code:
    make_clickable shouldn't include trailing punctuation

    Options, it won't hurt to check if this issue is recorded in bbPress's bug tracker, and reference the other ticket, if you would be so generous.


  8. Mark – Re: 'Is that string at , or just in one theme?'

    Sorry, I have no idea if it is, I am not a member of the 'LANG' project.

    I believe the mistake will be WP-wise and not template-wise.

  9. I logged in and updated the string at . Next time the localization files are deployed that will be corrected.

  10. Thank you very much, foolswisdom, that was quick.

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