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Huge number of photos shown when post is saved to Gallery

  1. Is there a bug in my account? I'm using TwentyTen
    The post at -
    - contains eleven photos but when I save it to Gallery after a few updates and after a week or so as a full permalink, it's excerpt shows this notice -
    "This gallery contains 153 photos."
    And this is not the only post affected that shows huge numbers for photo files.
    What is causing this error?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'll tag this thread for Staff assistance. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. OK - thanks

  4. Just to give Staff more information, did you upload/insert your Gallery images via those posts or were they uploaded/inserted via the Media Library?

    For Staff: possibly related?

  5. I usually - but not always - copy the same post from Blogger where I write the post into WordPress, so the image URL comes from Blogger, but normally WordPress quickly turns the blogger image url into a wordpress file, and if I need to update the post and repost an image, the image is there in my wp Media Library. I have updated the post in question 12 times, and between its first posting on 12 June and the last on 25 June, I took the whole blog offline for 3 days. I have followed this procedure for years, but this month is the first time the error in Gallery numbers of images has shown up.

  6. That's almost certainly where the error originated.

    BTW search engines are getting very good at detecting duplicated content and will throw BOTH sites down a well, ie basically list them as spammers and drop them off search results.

    As well, staff have said when a site here is essentially a duplicate of a site elsewhere it needs to be set as Private or it is subject to suspension.

  7. That's not exactly true. I am not duplicating posts from one I own at Blogger to one I own - and pay good money to upgrade - at WordPress. A threat is neither an adequate or appropriate response to a bug which has appeared in my account.

  8. That was not a threat, nor was it personal in any way. If you have multiple sites with the same (duplicated) content, then your fate with SEO is certain.

  9. There's a bug in my account - how about focusing on that?This problem began on 19 April 2013, not before, and as other wp bloggers have complained of the same problem, finding the problem will help us all.

  10. As we stated earlier, the thread has been flagged for staff attention, so wait until they get back to you.

  11. OK - I think I've found the problem: the Add Media function now allows to post an image from an external URL - not previously available and only very recently incorporated into the Add Media function - and so by inserting an image into the post from a published URL first rather than uploading directly to WordPress in the usual manner, the image URL gets counted as a new image with every update of the particular post. And this new feature also allows us to keep the original (non-WP) URL as a link, which - if reposted from Blogger for example with a Google+ profile - seems to affect those particular Blogger images. As for copying, what's the point of having an IMPORT function from Blogger - or any other platform - if publishing those imports contravenes WP policy?

  12. @ thosnevin, thank you for reporting this issue. It looks like there is a bug in the way images from external URLs are added to posts and media libraries. I have passed this along to our developers to take a look.

    As for copying, what's the point of having an IMPORT function from Blogger - or any other platform - if publishing those imports contravenes WP policy?

    The purpose of the import tools is to permanently move your blog from one platform to another, rather than to update blogs on two platforms at the same time.

  13. The other question I have is why use the Gallery Post format on posts that do not contain a Gallery as defined here?

    Gallery Post format affects only the front page display. If you are using it because you like the thumbnail with a short amount of text, you can use the Standard Post format with either a Custom Excerpt (if your theme supports it and it appears that 2010 does not) or the "More" tag to cut off the post after a certain point.

    This will give you approx. the same look as the Gallery Post format on the front page, but without the added complication of "this gallery contains xx photos" showing up.

    Staff: The link in the Post/Page Editor to Custom Excerpts really needs to direct to the Support page here on Excerpts, not the Codex. :)

  14. Staff: The link in the Post/Page Editor to Custom Excerpts really needs to direct to the Support page here on Excerpts, not the Codex. :)

    Thanks for pointing that out, justjennifer! I found a few more links in the Post Editor that lead to the Codex, as well, and I'm checking to see what we can do about that. :)

  15. @justjennifer: from memory I recall that all those extra post formats including gallery suddenly appeared as options about the same time as the huge numbers started appearing on my front page with excerpts, and not before your WP changes to the new format. I recall from memory too that I was following the instructions on the first release of TwentyTen on how to show excerpts on the front page with thumbnail which stated to use the "Gallery" category. And that posed another problem because I wasn't always happy with the choice of thumbnail thrown up by the system and continued to update a post - though updating didn't necessarily make any difference. Would you suggest using a different theme? I haven't chosen TwentyEleven because it doesn't use breadcrumb titles, just Next/Previous. All suggestions (in addition to those you've made re tags and splitting) will be attempted. Another weird occurrence with the sudden appearance of all these huge numbers of images around April15-19 is my post of a password-protected post - coincidence, or has someone gone crazy trying to access it and affected the account and blog?

  16. This info might help: I have imported the blog into another separate URL on same account and all the posts have an image icon next to title. Is the problem with the image format, as well as the category format in TwentyTen in the recently upgraded WP system? Having just deleted the category "Gallery" and then reinstated it, and updated with Quick Edit, the number of images in each post have incrementally increased!! e.g on the post URL in my first request above, the number has now increased from 153 to 190! suggestions to get rid of all these problems?

  17. @thosnevin - I gave my suggestions above. Because of the way you are inserting images in your posts, don't use the Gallery Post Format, unless you are inserting an actual Gallery in your post. Instead, use the Standard Post Format, put up a small thumbnail at the beginning of the post and use the "more" tag to create an excerpt like presentation.

    Just to be clear, or maybe confuse matters further, when I say Gallery Post Format, I am not referring to a "category" you have added, although I believe Twenty Ten is the only theme that actually treats any category named Gallery as though it was a Gallery Post Format.

    The whole odd numbering thing going on when using the Gallery Post Format is odd and yes, Staff and Devs have to address it. But for you, the user, you don't have to use the Gallery Post Format. Ignore it.

  18. @justjennifer: I rarely if ever use the Gallery Post Format - 95% of my posts are saved only as Standard and in the category "Gallery" on TwenyTen. As I pointed out, when I exported the blog to a different WP blog address, all the titles automatically showed that the post format was IMAGE, despite the fact that I have never used IMAGE as a post format. So the problem lies there. Staff and Devs need to fix this problem.

  19. @thosnevin- not to be contrary, but every post where it says "This gallery contains X photos" either is using the Gallery post format or you've put it in the Gallery category, which in Twenty Ten displays as though it were posted in the Gallery Post Format, such as all these posts

    As I said, Twenty Ten is the only theme that seems to behave this way. So, yes, let's hope that Staff and Devs fix it.

    Best wishes

  20. @justjennifer; many thanks , here's hoping the TwentyTen theme (or just my version) gets a fix or is reincarnated as stronger and more beautiful - it's one of the best among the freebies.

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