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Huge RSS feed delays

  1. Why a 3-day delay on RSS feeds? I had a comment appear in my blog and it didn't show up in my iGoogle RSS Reader for three days. I am trying to find out where the delay is: Google or WordPress.
    Blog url:

  2. Your RSS feed on is updated instantly:

    Unfortunately, we have no control over how often third-party feed readers check for updates.

    Google Reader works on sort of a popularity system. The more Google Reader subscribes your feed has, the faster it's checked for new posts.

  3. My reader checks my blog for comments every 15 minutes, 24/7. If it is available so fast, then my reader should have picked it up. Every comment on my blog is delayed to some extent - sometimes as long as five days or so.

    This happens even if I specifically cause my reader to go check my blog.

  4. As mentioned, we have no control over how third-party feed readers operate.

    Your feed is generated dynamically and instantly includes all existing published posts.

    The next time you publish a post, please check before you check your own reader. You will see that your post is already in your feed here, and that's all we can guarantee.

  5. That is probably true, but there is a disconnect somewhere. I can ORDER my reader to check, and see the request hitting your servers, but nothing comes back even though I can see the comment sitting there on my blog and in the RSS queue.

    The delay seems to affect only the comments feed. I can usually see my actual blog posts within minutes.

    I have now set up Firefox to check the RSS feeds also. This may point out where the delay exists. I actually suspect the Google reader is messed up because their reader underwent severe changes a while back and hasn't been up to snuff on all the 25 or so feeds I watch.

    I had to start somewhere and the source is the best place to do that.

  6. see the request hitting your servers

    Where do you see this? We don't allow that type of log access.

  7. It isn't "log access", it is simply packet tracing from here to there and back.

    I send an access request, I can see the path(s) it takes to your servers and then I see the response packets coming back.

  8. Yep, that would work just fine, unless our whole service was offline.

    The issue is definitely on Google's end.

  9. Just my $0.02, but Google Reader has been a serious kludge over the past few months. My clients have been getting some complaints and virtually every time it turns out to be GR. They try a different reader and poof! problem gone.

  10. I agree very much. GR itself has turned very bad since the push to get everyone on the "new" iGoogle bandwagon. I've resisted that so far. The comments in GR (under options - About this Gadget) are definitely flaying away at GR. As I said befoe, I needed to start somewhere and the beginning is the best place to do that.

    Unfortunately, GR is the only reader I've found that will allow more than one reed per instance of the gadget. I don't need 25 gadgets on my home page just to read my 25 feeds.

  11. I too have noticed the GR displays my weblog feeds for posts and comments approximately five to one week. I thought maybe it has something to do with the Dashboard settings.

  12. No, nothing to do with the Dashboard settings whatsoever. Your feed is dynamically generated whenever requested using all of your published posts up to the limit set via Settings -> Reading.

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