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hum: featured posts image view

  1. hello dear people of the wp-forum,
    i'd like to show up myimage posts in the featured posts at´reaof the hum theme as shown in the demo (click the second circle in the featured posts area, please):

    in my case it only shows the post title :(

    what changes do i have to make in the backend to make it show up the way it is shown in the demo? any ideas?

    thank you!

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    From the Hum theme's information page

    To add posts to the Featured Post section just mark some posts as Sticky. That’s all there is to it.

    To have a big featured image, you need to use an image that is at least 740px x 288px. Also, make sure you have a set size for Large image under Settings → Media that allows for such sizes.

    Find out more at:

  4. thank you andrewcpht!

    i followed all these instructions but still it wouldn't work.
    i solved it anyway now.

    the "trick" is that the article image (right bottom corner) needs to be activated in the new post. i didn't know that.
    the article image is what will be displayed as big featured image, and it will also replace the header image in the sidebar (if not turned off).

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