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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for a wonderful wordpress experience.
    I have a quick question: how could I set up widgets to appear on the sidebar of my Hum Theme as widgets for Recent Comments, Recent Posts, etc, appear on this Hum-blog:

    Thank you for your help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Widget Areas

    Hum supports one Main Sidebar just after the content, three widget areas in the site footer, and an additional widget area (Showcase Sidebar) on the Showcase page template. You can configure these areas by going to Appearance -> Widgets.

    More here:

    (And I'm going to go look at a blank wall now to rest my eyes after looking at the site you linked to. Oh.My.)

  3. Thank you Jennifer for your reply.
    I had looked at that link before and I tried putting widgets in the Showcase Sidebar but nothing comes out in the actual side of the theme. All widgets appear at the bottom, end of the content. It appears as though I'd have to activate something to Showcase Sidebar to work. Also, I created a page and set as Showcase Template, published it, and it shows nowhere. There is something I must not be doing right.
    Sorry about the site, I should have warned you.
    Thank you, thank you.

  4. I'm going to tag this for Staff assistance as it seems that something is amiss.

    I am using Hum on one of my sites ( and even after moving an existing widget from the footer to the sidebar, it does not display.

  5. Thank you

  6. a) You're not using the Showcase template, so widgets you put in the Showcase sidebar cannot show anywhere.
    b) As the theme info says, "Hum supports one Main Sidebar just after the content". So the label "Main Sidebar" is a misnomer. The blog you linked to has the Custom Design upgrade, and they've used CSS editing to move this widget area to the left of the content (not very successfully).

  7. Thank you both!
    One more question please, what exactly is Showcase template, and how can I use it? (you're saying I'm not using it) >>>> Will this allow widgets to appear in the side?

  8. Thanks, justpi. It does seem odd especially since the widget area is available in the Widgets dashboard. Just nothing shows up there.

    @nadastreet-Many themes have a special Page template which may affect the front page of the site or another page on the site.

    If you look in the Page attributes module of the Page Editor, you can use the drop-down menu to see what page templates are available.

  9. I have created three different pages with all different template attributes (showcase, sidebar, and default). I have tried adding the Pages widget into the Showcase Sidebar and nothing shows up. If I put the pages into the Menu, the it shows in the side, below the header.

    I've been trying to use the space to the extreme left side as shown in the website above. Given that pages and widgets will not appear there (as none of us are unable to do that with these), is the only way, to write on the extreme left side of content, via CSS editing?

    Thank you.

  10. Ok let's review things in more detail...

    1) The left sidebar on Hum is the equivalent of the header (on more conventional themes): it can display a header image, the blog title and tagline, and a navigation menu. The regular menu automatically displays links to all your published pages; you can replace it with a custom menu that can display links to anything.
    2) Hum does not have a sidebar for widgets. It supports footer widgets only. What it calls "Main Sidebar", "Showcase Sidebar" and "Footer Area 1/2/3" should have been called "Upper Footer Main", "Upper Footer Showcase" and "Lower Footer 1/2/3", respectively.
    3) If you add widgets to the so-called Main Sidebar, they'll show up on dynamic pages (main posts page, category pages, other archive pages). If you add widgets to the so-called Showcase Sidebar, they'll show up on the showcase template page. If you add widgets to the so-called Footer areas, they'll show up on dynamic pages and single posts, as well as on any static page for which you select the "sidebar" template.
    4) You can't change the position of the widget areas, except if you have the Custom Design upgrade and experience in CSS editing.

    In short: if you need a sidebar, you need a different theme.

  11. #2 and #4 did it.
    Perfect explanation, very satisfied. Yes, I changed the theme.
    Thanks Jennifer, Thanks justpi.
    Thank you for your time.

  12. You're welcome!

  13. You're welcome.

    I looked at the Showcase page I created last year for my site and then remembered why I decided not to use it. :) Being a visual site, I wanted all my posts "out there" rather than only display the post title after the first featured posts.

    Here's Hum's Showcase Page template for anyone contemplating using it

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