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[Hum theme] Column just shrunk?

  1. I've just changed to Hum theme on However, the theme is not displaying properly: the width of the column is 470px instead. Here's one of the blog's pages to illustrate the problem better:
    This is weird, because on my test blog it was displaying perfectly. I really have no clue about what's causing this, and I was so excited about this theme...If you would please be so kind to help me!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same with my site, where I just activated Hum. On the individual posts, the images and text break out of the content area. (screenshot)

    In addition to the really narrow posting column, I also have a color palette that I wasn't expecting. Rather than the grey/white default, I have black/white.

  3. And like the OP I can confirm that on another site I run Hum is displaying as advertised. Wide content column and the grey/white default palette. (screenshot)

  4. Hi there.

    This issue should be fixed now. Please clear your browser cache to make sure that you are viewing the most up-to-date version of your site.

    Thanks for the report.

  5. Hi cainm,

    On shutterclutter the content posting area is now wider (wider on the front page than in individual posts?), but colors are still not as expected. Thanks for looking.

  6. I found the reason for the unexpected black color scheme.

    Quite some time ago I had the Twenty Eleven theme activated on shutterclutter and used the dark color option. Apparently Hum remembered those option settings being built on Twenty Eleven.

    In order to revert to the default background in Hum, I had to switch to Twenty Eleven to enable the light color option and then switch back to Hum to get the grey/white settings.

    Putting this out there for anyone else who may find themselves in the same situation but hope that one day there will be a reset to default button somewhere.

  7. justjennifer,

    On shutterclutter the content posting area is now wider (wider on the front page than in individual posts?), but colors are still not as expected.

    Thanks for the report. As you mentioned, since Hum is a child theme of Twenty Eleven, we've run into a few issues regarding theme options saved in Twenty Eleven that are still present after switching themes to Hum.

    The width issue on single posts should be fixed now.

    We're currently looking into a fix for the unexpected colors, but in the meantime, your temporary fix of switching back to Twenty Eleven and resetting the color scheme will work.

    I'll update you when we have a solution to the color scheme issue.

  8. @Cainm
    Talking about issues, I've noticed some header using a featured image behaviour that may not meant to be. I don't know if I should discuss it in this topic, but, as I think you're appreciating feedback, forgive me.

    The main issue is the header using a featured image changing sizes depending on the featured image: 131px x 200px here and
    180px x 147px here.
    I've noticed not all posts with featured images make the header change at all from the default, presumably depending on size and image's proportions (you can also see that I've been playing around with them in featured posts in and, in fact, seems those who don't change the header get a different display layout - very nice!), but I don't think something heterogenous like changing sizes depending on the featured image, which is aesthetically unpleasant, was the theme developers' intention, and if it was, please think it over to make it more uniform: either by fixating a size for the headers using featured images, or by making the headers not change at all.

    Still on the header issues, I've still not encounter this issue on my main blog, but on my test blog the featured image on the header, instead of being cropped like in, it gets squeezed:

    Thanks for solving the previous issue, and I hope this was of any help.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  9. Hi @iruvienne!

    I'm not seeing the same image dimensions on the two posts you noted. - featured image displays at 188x288 - featured image displays at 188x154

    This is the theme's intended behavior - the header displays at a maximum width of 188 pixels, and the height is flexible.

    I'm wondering if this issue is specific to Safari for Windows... can you try viewing the site in a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox? Thanks!

  10. Hello. I'm using Chrome actually... Here's some screenshots of the problems I mentioned on the last post put together:
    I hope that helps you.

    It seems you are running into some issues from Hum being a child theme of Twenty Eleven, and, as we're on feedback, I've also noticed the search field has a white border around the search box on the 404 page - seems a little out of the place. Might want to change that to the widget and sidebar search box style, or, to make it pop a little, leave the search box white and the white border transparent. I hope you don't mind my rambling.

    I hope this was of any help. Looking forward to your reply!

  11. Hi @iruvienne!

    I've made some adjustments to featured image and custom header sizes to better fit Hum. You may need to re-assign your featured images so they get cropped to the new dimensions (they will crop, not stretch). I've also made the search box more consistent with the rest of the theme. I hope this helps!

    If you have further suggestions or issues, please start a new thread, since this one has been marked resolved. Thanks!

  12. @sixhours
    Yup, it's looking great!

    Will do as you say. Thank you very much for helping.

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