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    Please explain what the purpose of “humanize” in the Blog stats view graph choices.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but only Staff know the answer to that question. If you wish yo can shut it off as I did it’s very easy to do.
    Dashboard > Users > Personal Settings

    When that page opens look for this:

    Personal Options
    __ Fun Surprise me. (Fun mode.)

    Uncheck that option and scroll down the page to click “Save Changes”

    That will do it. the Humanize tab on the Stats page will be gone.


    It’s just for fun. It tries to relate the number to something from the real world for comparison purposes.

    For example, I see “Today you have had 2,229 views.” and “That’s about the same number of households in Whitefish, Montana.”



    Ok, thx. This “fun” feature is probably causing alot more questions, time to answer.

    Maybe next fun feature, add abit more value. :)

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