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Humor has a new home.

  1. I started the blog Maxim's Madness about a month ago. So far I've had a very positive response! But I would love so more feedback! My mom gives it to me daily but... I'm 24. Head on over and tell me what you think! All work is original.

    Warning: It's kinda strange.

  2. mosesfolliville

    Liked the blog about watching porn as a kid. funny.

  3. Thank's! True story. Slightly embarrassing. Had to tell my mother before posting.

    Read your post about eggs. I'm hungry... I should really start eating breakfast...

  4. Haha, some great posts I've read on your blog.

  5. Thanks a lot!

    Hopped over to your blog. I am the worst speller btw. It's all spell checks fault!

  6. My blog is not at all serious by the way. It's full of madness and ramblings. I got two posts up that I have a funny feeling people are taking way too literally (on Ronald Reagan and childbirth).

  7. 'Just some huge malevolent force chillin’ under your bed.' - Love it...

  8. Thanks a lot, man. I try!

  9. You are sick sick sick. Keep it up it's great.


    (P.S. This blog comes highly recommended. Hilarious.)

  11. Yup, this blog has cost me TWO KEYBOARDS!!! O_o

    Anyone selling a tea-proof keyboard? Does such a thing exist?

    And if not, WHY NOT?

    Seriously funny stuff, Maxim has skills.

  12. Seriously guys, stop. You're gonna make me cry.

    @godlikesteve Can't do anything about tea on your keyboards...I have heard that if you become an old lady stuff all over your apartment gets covered in cellophane. Maybe that would work?

  13. If you want to preserve your keyboard from those nasty tea sprays, I know of something that would be perfect for you. It's called a motorcycle helmet.

  14. brainforthought

    Very funny. I shall now call the sun Raktooku as well.

  15. This makes me happy.

  16. @brainforthought Was it ever called anything else? Are you some sort of heathen?

  17. Mapped my domain yesterday. Now!

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