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    The past three days, I’ve been receiving hundreds upon hundreds of “page views” according to my stats page. They appear on the graph and in the total, but there is no evidence of them in referring links or search terms.

    Sitemeter isn’t showing them, either. The past twenty minutes, Sitemeter shows no visits to the site and yet nearly 200 page views have been recorded.

    Is there a logical explanation for this, or is it a glitch in the system somehow? I don’t mind my totals going up, but these don’t seem real, somehow. Do hits from a feed show up on the stats page?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can be a little slow at 4 a.m. I explored Sitemeter more and discovered visits from sites like AirTel Broadband/India with as many as 100 page views attached. There are hundreds of visits with nothing more than an IP attached – no duration, no location.

    I’m really clueless here, but I’ve never seen anything like this- any advice or even comment would be appreciated.


    If if’s any comfort, I too had a batch of mystery hits, almost a month ago. I asked about it here:
    Big increase in pageviews, but not in post views. There were some possible explanations offered, but none of them applied to me. Anyway, it was just for that one day, so I never bothered to ask staff about it. It’s still a mystery.



    Right now I’d settle for even phantom views;-) Things have gone amazingly slow the last few days…



    @sensuouscurmudgeon ~ Thanks for the link. Interesting and helpful discussion. It’s a mystery for sure, but seems to be slowing, so I’ll let it be. I am going to go in tonight and do some random searches through the IPs shown on Sitemeter just for grins.

    @ronsrealm ~ Seems like the summer slump all over bloggieland. It’ll turn…


    @shoreacres, if you figure it out, mention it here. Maybe I’ll see it.


    I hope that is not under some sort of a hostile attack. Staff definitely don’t deserve that. Nor does the rest of us.Those cyberspace criminals should be behind bars for the rest of their life. Creating Malware should be a capital offence.

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