Huston we have a problem! Next page code – invisible!

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    all my posts are on one page
    because i realised most the people visiting my blog don’t understand how blogs work
    so to scroll through all the posts and stop where yr interested has worked brilliantly for me
    but the blog is way to big now to up/down?load
    i thought that using pages would speed it up – which it hasn’t!!
    [which is another issue to be dealt with later]

    i found the ‘next page’ code and all the posts on 2 pages

    opera and fire fox were perfect

    i use Opera [& sleepless theme] – all looks fine and page splits fine

    internet explorer – NOT FINE of course!
    bleeeeeeeeeep Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    i heard that 75% of all internet users use internet xpl [statistics bbc]
    so it’s critical that the blog looks as it should

    this is the visual problem: [only in internet xplorer]

    all the widgets/links/most read/comment/blogroll etc LINKS on the right column
    of my blog is NOT at the top of the page as it should be – it’s at the point
    where i inserted the next page code and then removed it

    i have removed all the ‘next page’ codes i put into the posts but i can not find the offending code where the
    « Previous Entries link is
    it should not be there

    and i can not find the dashboard set up page for choosing how many posts go into a page
    i just can’t find it
    has it been removed maybe?!
    as i thought this was worth a try but i can’t find it sooooo


    it’s all a mystereeeee…………oh to be a geek :-)



    When you used the next page tag you most likely put it
    in the middle of some div or span tags,
    which can cause layout problems.

    You need to make sure all HTML tags are closed before
    you put in that code to split up the post or page.

    The setting for displaying posts is at Settings->Reading in your Dashboard.


    thanx v much

    problem with left colomn widgets/links still persists ONLY WITH Internet Explorerie
    it shows up way down the page – below
    the – < < previous entries – link on left side of page



    The nextpage tag is for shortening the display of individual posts only. If is not for determining how many posts to display on your posts page. That is done in Settings > Reading. To shorten the posts on the posts page you would use the more tag.


    This post, , talks about all the things to avoid when using the more tag, or the next page tag for that matter.



    thanx for suggestions

    i’ve had no problems with more tags
    it’s next page that is the problem

    i was very careful to use

    < !–next page– >

    [!next page code – incase the code disappears!]

    right at the end of the post on it’s own line
    with an empty line above it in edit mode not visiual
    so i can see where all the codes are

    i did this on 2 posts

    what’s puzzling is that after i removed them
    it made no difference – there still seems to be 2 pages as apposed to 3 when i started out with just one!

    i have to believe that this is the cause of my blog on Internet explorer, not uploading correctly?
    as it was fine before doing this

    any more suggestions? :)
    have inclreased the page to 180 posts!

    no one is telling me if the right colomn is as i say it is on internet xplorer
    or is it just me?!



    after 2 days of the internet explorer [IE] bleep up – it’s sorted!

    what joy of joys!

    praise be to Nick & Noel @ support who came to my rescue!

    thanx to their meticulous unrelenting detective work sifting through all my posts and codes and widgets and bells and whistles the offending causal thing only on IE was

    i’m sure it was a pain in the raas for them

    so if anyone has the same problem it’s sorted very easily
    all that has to be done once they found it was
    ” ….simply removed the Categories widget from your sidebar, which was also causing a problem because of one of the long category names.

    The fix was something we had to put into the CSS specifically for IE6.”

    what ever that means!

    thanx chaps you’re the men!

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