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Hyperlink Insert Icon not working

  1. terigrasmussen

    In a draft I did before the Dashboard change, I now am unable to use the insert hyperlinck icon. Before the change I was happily linking to other blogs, webpages, etc. Now when i use the same procedure I was, the pop-up box comes up by is COMPLETELY EMTPY - doesn't even show the places to fill out. Just white space. Anybody got any ideas how to fix this?

  2. No idea how to fix it, but the same thing happens to me. It's rather annoying.

  3. Someone on a different thread said to right click and re-load (whatever term your browser uses for this) and it will then re-appear.

  4. terigrasmussen

    Actually, by surfing around elsewhere on WordPress, I have found a suggestion to (1) place your pointer inside the blank box that shows up when you click the insert hyperlink icon and then (2) right-click your mouse and click on "Refresh" or whatever you have that is similar. Worked perfectly. Not only that, but now the icon is working perfectly again.

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