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  1. I have followed all directions to creating a hyperlink in a post, but the link is not activated. Do I have to use code? I highlight, click on the link icon, use the menu for the URL. I've done this over and over and re read the other posts about the topic, but nothing seems to be changing.
    What am I overlooking or doing incorrectly?

  2. Please link your name to your blog, so we can click on it and examine the blog ourselves. You do that on your Profile page, under "website".

    Are you hitting Save at the end of your writing? Are you hitting UPDATE on the pop-up box?

  3. Also: what is the nature of the failure? Does it go to a 404 page not found, or does it not even show up as a link at all?

  4. Thanks, raincoaster!
    It was the SAVE issue. Totally overlooked it.
    I appreciate the quick response.

  5. You're welcome, and thanks for linking your blog. It will make answering your questions faster in future.

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