Hyperlinks are not shown when a reader is reading category level

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    I have categories & in each category, I created some posts having hyper links.
    When I view the post individually, I am able to see all the links as clickable. But I view from a category level, none of the links in the posts are clickable. All are shown simply as text.
    Is it a problem?. How can I change this behaviour. I am using digg3 theme
    For eg: I have a category, Computer Science & Engineering, When I click that category, I have two posts – Data Structures & Programming Langusges. Both of these posts have hype links in it. But non is shown as links
    But If go individually to each post, say Data Structures, all the links in the post are properly shown



    The blog I need help with is linksondemand.wordpress.com.


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    Digg3 is one of the themes that displays excerpts of your posts in category or archive views.

    In order for those links to be hot, you have to type your post into the “excerpt part of the HTML editor. (And also into the posting part of the editor, otherwise when a reader clicks the title, he/she will see only a blank post.)

    Here is a list of all the themes with this feature if you decide to use a theme that displays archives differently:


    (@Tess: there you go with the extravagant solution again!)

    @itsvijay: That’s standard behavior in all themes that display the beginnings of posts in category or archive pages. If you don’t like it, you can simply switch to a theme that displays full posts – consult this list:



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    ~~~You should see how I boil water~~~

    (But with the except able themes, at least you have control over what is shown, and one can add hot links as one likes.)

    btw, I’m saving your list for future reference.



    thank u 1tess & panaghiotisadam



    I am just learning to use WordPress now and I have a question about this as well. From what I’m understanding, there is no way in a template such as Hemingway to make a link in your post on the main page active unless you put the link in the excerpt box… is that correct? Is there no way to make a link display in a post on the main page – as it does in the archive view?


    The general point is that links are active only when a post is displayed in its entirety. When only its beginning is displayed, all html tags are stripped away (hence no links, no images or videos etc., no italics etc.).

    This happens in the category and archive pages of several themes. Hemingway is unique in that even in the main page you only get the beginnings of the two latest posts. If you want complete posts in the main page, with their links and everything, then yes, copy their whole content from the HTML editor and paste it in the text box of the Excerpt module.

    (Note: the archive page in Hemingway does not display full posts: it displays titles only.)

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