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    Hi. I searched the help forums and still have a question:

    Is it possible to change the color of hyperlinks? they always show in black, no matter how I try to change the color on the editor. See this page:http://worldconnections.wordpress.com/

    I though the editor would allow for changes in font color and size, but it’s not always working. Hyperlinks in particulat seem to follow …their own rules.



    You could try doing that using the HTML editor like this:

    <a href="url" style="color: [color you want]">text</a>

    if that doesn’t work probably the style property gets stripped off by the software. If that happens, you could try this:

    <a href="url"><span style="color: [color you want]">text</span></a>





    that’s the easy way to do it, without knowing the HTML ;)


    Hi there. Thank you for your help. I checked out the link you sent and tried again to use the editor to change color. It didn’t work. As for changing the HTML script, it’d be too much work to do that every time I insert a link. I wonder if the fact that I cannot change color in my hyperlinks is – like devblog said – “stripped off” by the theme software I am using. ( that also accounts for the default font being light grey instead of a more readable black, also something that I can’t change).



    It’s really simple. In the visual editor, just highlight and color the word before creating the hyperlink.



    Of course, if you continue to paste from Word (or the web), you’re going to have problems eventually. (Note the different font in the first post.)

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