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hyperlinks stop working

  1. Hi.

    How come when I use eg. MS Word to compose a comment, then copy/paste the content into the comment-box, my hyperlinks don't work anymore?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. They should - are you making sure to use the Paste from Word button? (Blue W in a rectangle.) If not, there's your problem.

    If you're doing it properly, I'm baffled, I'm afraid - links should transfer over as is.

  3. @sisteskanse
    The blog linked to your username is empty. :( Please post the URL for the blog which you are referring to starting with http:// Then we can examine it and see if we can determine both the cause of and the solution for your problem.

  4. >>The blog linked to your username is empty. :(

    Ah, sorry..

    This is my problematic comment, on another blog.

    I copy/pasted simply with a ctrl-c/ctrl-v

    >>the Paste from Word button?

    hmm, this may be the solution, but I'm unsure about what you mean ..

  5. wordpress doesn't turn into a URL, you must manually place the URL withing link tags. You can do that within the editor.

  6. I'm obviously new at this, so in case you need the full url:

  7. Hello there,
    We can all set up our comments on this page > Settings > Discussion> Comment Moderation to specify the number of active links, if any, that we choose to allow to be displayed in the comments on our posts. The default is "2" but we can change that. The reason we have this option is to deal with spammers.

    Comment Moderation
    ___Hold a comment in the queue if it contains or more links. (A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.)

  8. In your comment that you linked to above I see many links. Some are to media reports which are no longer available at the links you provided, but may be located by searching the specific media site's Archives.

  9. No, that's the problem. The links I provided are active. I re-posted them in the following comment, and they work fine if I use the comment-box and the a-tag.

    I had written the links with a-tabs in the word document, but they were ruined afterI submitted the comment.

    I suspect Word, but I dunno..

    Check this comment I just made at my site:

    The hyperlink and the url was copy/pasted directly from a word-document. The link doesn't work, the url is ok.

    I make the link like WordPress

  10. (oh, no! The last one was supposed to show the html.. </> Should I make links in a different way, or is this normal too? )

  11. The hyperlink and the url was copy/pasted directly from a word-document.

    As a web publishing tool Microsoft Word it is a little less than ideal and produces very messy HTML. Copying and pasting can produce bad results so there is a special icon in the editor for "Paste from Word " that Ron referred to above in the first comment made to this thread specifically for this purpose. See >

  12. In order to post code into forum threads without any stripping occuring one must use the backtick ` found on the tilde ~ key in lower case and post the code between backticks.
    backtick CODE backtick

    I don't think that's required now. I think we know exactly what you problem is caused by and how to solve it.

  13. Thank you. I see now what you mean. This solves it :)

    Thanx for your time! :)

  14. You're welcome. Happy blogging!

  15. couponmamainsc

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  16. Links such as that are not allowed here at, hence they're being automatically stripped out.

  17. couponmammainsc
    Please read > types of blogs allowed and not allowed at
    Then read advertising
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