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    It automatically adds a hyphen before any caption text on the image widget – does anyone know how to get rid of it?

    The blog I need help with is theweddingdolls.co.uk.


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    Is this the blog you are asking about?

    I don’t see you using any image widgets.



    No its on: http://theweddingdolls.co.uk/

    Thanks loads


    Captioned images are preconfigured formulas you cannot modify (except if you have the paid CSS upgrade). If you want the same look but without the dash, you must remove the Image widget and use code in a Text widget instead:
    <div class="wp-caption alignnone" style="width:187px;"><img style="width:177px;" src="IMAGE URL HERE" alt="DESCRIPTION HERE" /><p style="padding:12px 5px 0;">CAPTION TEXT HERE</p></div>

    Note: the image you have used is 1600px wide. There’s no point uploading such a large image when the maximum you can have in your sidebar is 177px: you’re just wasting storage space and increasing the loading time of your page (also, when you use an Image widget, Internet Explorer may show the original instead of the automatically downsized version). Better downsize a copy of your image in an image editing application to a width of 177px, upload that copy in Media > Add New, copy the File URL and use that URL in the above code model. This will give you better quality as well, because images downsized by WP lose some color and sharpness.



    Thanks loads. I gave it a go and the code appears as well on the blog – do I need to do something else inside the text widget so just want I need appears?. Sorry for being so dense but very new to wordpress!


    If you copy-pasted the code from here into the widget, then no code should show up. Maybe you made a mistake while copy-pasting it, for instance something like omitting the initial bracket. Or perhaps you copypasted it into another document first then from there to the widget?

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