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I absolutely give up!!!!!!!!!

  1. My pictures are disappearing- they upload, and I hit save and publish, but nothing shows up in my categories or pages. My previous page, all pictures disappeared after they were published, and yet they are in the folders to manage in uploads, and were on my blog for several days. . WordPress obviously is not for me- I've had just too many hassles.

  2. Have you contacted staff via the support button or at

    It sounds like it is going to require backend access, which the volunteers here on the forums do not have.

  3. I contacted them about my stats re-setting, that isn't fixed, and now this problem- I can't trust any stats at all about my site, and this picture episode is and was driving me nuts.

  4. Contact them about the picture problem. I seem to remember others having similar problems that staff fixed. Staff do monitor these forums, but I would send in a support ticket just to make sure. I would also mention your stat problem again.

    Include a description of what is happening, what browser and operating system you are using and links to posts where it is happening as well as the file names of some of the pics that have gone walkabout.

  5. @spdd
    Your username is not linked to a blog. Instead what is linked to your name is a commercial site. In order for anyone to assist you do need to provide the url for your blog. We cannot see what is going on without it. Also note that blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites. See section 2, 5th bullet of the ToS.

  6. Hi timethief- you responded about my stats problem and support did have my blog name - you looked at it yourself. That was days ago- and no response, and as mentioned, now the picture problems. I had a whole post go missing as well as the pictures. If I didn't know better, I'd think someone hijacked my blog. I think I'll just delete the complete blog and move on.

  7. Would you please post the url. I cannot remember it. :)

  8. and thanks about the commercial link- that was just a mistake on my part when signing up. I changed it.

  9. @spdd
    Just to let you know, I can see your pictures, and I'm certain most all others that visit your site can as well. That's what makes me suggest you will need intervention from staff.

    [waving to tt (had your tea or coffee yet?)]

  10. Using firefox I see 5 posts on your front page and all have large images in them. I see images throughout your pages as well.

    I notice that you have Snap Preview on and that it is slowing the page loading time down. As an experiment only while waiting for staff help I suggest you turn snap off and see what happens -> Presentation -> Extras (unmark the checkbox for snap previews anywhere and click "Update Extras")

    P.S. No blogs have urls' with "www" in them. The correct url for your blog is

  11. I can see some as well, but there are lots missing. I am going to try one more "page" called "Brides" - that was the one that went completely out of whack. I will upload again, and if it doesn't work- then this really is my last kick at the can. Trouble is, in a few days it might go missing again.

  12. @tt
    Good catch! Snap did keep images from loading on my pages in the past, which is (one of the reasons) why I turned it off.

  13. P.S. No blogs have urls' with "www" in them. The correct url for your blog is - lol - sheesh- can you tell i'm frustrated.

  14. I had a quick look in Firefox and I don't see any pictures missing on your blog either... somebody else had a problem a bit like this as well the other day, though, and it was hard to track down what was going on. She ended up having to contact support about it as well.

    Have you tried displaying an image in a different way? If you upload an image to a host like Flickr, you can then use the picture icon in your editor (it looks like a tree) to insert it into your post. If the problem is that there's some problem with your uploads at WP, hosting it elsewhere might be one way of solving the problem. Also doesn't eat into your upgrade space either. :)

  15. Of course you are frustrated - you're no saint, right? ... and this is a PITA
    I just used IE and looked at your blog again. All the images are there.
    What is your operating system?
    What browser and version of it are you using?

  16. Snap preview is now off - thanks - I'll try photobucket I have an account with them.

  17. Operating system is XP- SP2 and and using IE7

  18. Have you had any readers report that the images are missing? If so what operating system do they use and which browser and version of it may be valuable information.

    Did you optimize and pre-size the images prior to uploading them?
    If you did not and the ones you uploaded are HUGE then that's where the problem is coming from.

    Firefox will try and resize any image to fit. Internet Explorer does not bother and a large picture will usually send your sidebar to the bottom of the blog. It’s worth checking in IE sometimes - or asking a friend if using IE is either not possible or just something to be avoided :)
    Remember that if you change theme this will affect all your older images. So if - for example - you go from Rubric to Ambiru there will be problems. We have no automatic resizer.

    You are using the theme Kubrick - the size of the images uploaded after optimization cannot exceed 450 pixels without breaking the blog layout.
    What size are these image files for the picture you uploaded?

  19. No readers have reported anything missing- but they wouldn't know what's supposed to be on there anyway.

  20. This may help Images: Optimizing, Pre-sizing and Re-sizing

    Have you tried simply switching to another theme to see what the effect would be?
    The ones with the largest blogging spaces for images are:
    Shocking Blue Green .. 800px
    Silver is the new Black .. 800px
    Wordpress Classic .. 800px

  21. I'm off to work now and wishing you well. My guess is that you uploaded HUGE images and that as you did not optimize and pre-size prior to uploading they are the cause of your problem.

  22. All my pictures are between 45 to 145 kb in size, however I'll have to investigate further the pixels. You guys are a wealth of information, and I appreciate it very much. Now that I've cooled down a bit, I will try the photobucket routine, the optimizing and re-sizing and do just a little bit more reading up on my problem. I'll let you know, and thank you so much again.

  23. You are welcome and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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