I accidentally cancelled my domain and I need to get it back.

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    I accidentally cancelled my domain and I need to get it back.





    Hi emasker,

    Your account shows both the plan and domain were cancelled. I can restore the domain but you will need to create a new site for me to restore it to because your existing site has been deleted. Please also purchase a new plan (Personal, Premium or Business) to cover the domain costs.

    Let me know when you’ve done so and I can sort that out for you.




    Okay I have done this under Elainadmasker.wordpress.com. Should I claim the free domain? Or what should I do next?



    How domain mapping works
    Registering an underlying .wordpress.com URL first is required for domain mapping. What domain mapping does is providing a seamless redirect to the very same content under the new domain URL when a person clicks the old URL .wordpress.com to the original content. It can take up to 72 hours for domain propagation to take place throughout the internet but it doesn’t usually take that long. https://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/

    Please go to https://wordpress.com/pricing/ if you wish to upgrade.

    Please be patient while waiting for Staff to get back to you knowing it’s a weekend and fewer are available.


    Hi emasker,

    Thanks for doing that. I’ve restored elainamasker.com to elainadmasker.wordpress.com. There is no need to claim a free domain as I’ve added elainamasker.com to your plan — the domain credit covers the cost of this domain.

    There is nothing more you need to do now :)

    Please let me know if you need any further help.



    Thank you so much!!!!!


    You’re very welcome :)

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