I accidently found a whole lot of correspondence to me

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    I accidently found a whole lot of correspondence sent to me on my articles, but not through your regular feedback, comments links, in which I also received notification of a whole lot of spam being deleted that were sent to me.

    I can no longer find that link where all this correspondence to me is going, which link do I click on to find all my correspondence please.

    It would be better if the correspondence to each article are placed in the feedback/comments section to the relevant articles that people are corresponding to me about.

    The blog I need help with is wildlifecarersgroup.wordpress.com.



    Are you talking about comments or emails?


    maybe they were emails, which link do I click on in wordpress to read them please.

    Thanks for your quick response.



    Emails to you from WordPress will go to the email address connected with the blog. Check that under Settings->General.

    Comments will go on your Dashboard but also show on your Comments page. Dashboard->Comments. Go to the dashboard and look on the left-hand side for the comments icon.


    can’t find emails sent to me, only email pages for me to send the emails


    can only find the compose email and txt pages


    people have sent me emails commenting to my articles, I accidently found these a couple of months ago when wordpress also informed me that they had deleted thousands of spam sent to me amongst all the emails I have received, these are not sent to me to my email address, only emails from wordpress itself are sent to my email address.

    It would be a good idea to put a link up on top of the dashboard or included where I click on Nora and there’s a drop down to show other links, for emails sent to me.

    None of these were under general comments under each article, even though people were corresponding to relevant articles I had written.

    Where can I find these other emails please, I don’t remember how I accidently found them last time even though I have clicked on every icon, I can’t find them.

    Thanks for all your help, looking forward to finding my emails


    In your dashboard, click on “feedback” in the left navigation. That might be/probably is where you saw it.


    Hi, thanks, unfortunately there is no’ feedback’ on my dashboard section on my left on the dropdown, and nothing on the dashboard above that shows ‘w’ and our names/logo.

    WordPress only sends new posts that have been sent out to our email addresses, but unfortunately they don’t send us any feedback/emails that we receive.

    We need to have this corrected with ‘inbox’ link placed on our dashboard above that shows ‘w’ and our names, and possibly even in the dashboard drop down links for quick and easy access to our inbox.

    We also need to be notified by wordpress sending out notifications, equally to how facebook and twitter do, straight to our email addresses so that people communicating with us don’t think that we are rude and just ignoring their emails that aren’t spam.

    Help please in finding my wordpress emails sent to me.


    Ok, I finally found the ‘feedback’ link after clicking on my name link several times yesterday and today, which is blank, is there where you think all my emails to me were, I had thousands, now it is blank.

    Thanks, still trying to find my emails sent to me through wordpress.


    correction, line 2 – is this where you think all my emails sent to me were kept?

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