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I actually WANT to enable Snap Shots!

  1. I'm new to WordPress. I want to experiment with Snap Shots to see if it would work well with my content, but I can't seem to get it to work. Do I merely hyperlink the text I want to show previews of? No matter what site I hyperlink the text to, no preview opens.

    I've made sure that "Enable Snap Shots on this blog" is checked on my Design> Extras page. Is it my blog theme? I'm using "Silver is the New Black."


  2. Did you click the "save change" button at the bottom of the page?

    If so, it could be a problem at snap. In my experience snap shots is less than reliable and had at times kept my blog from fully loading which is why I don't use it anymore.

  3. I see an "Update Extras" button, but not a "Save Changes" button. And I have clicked the "Update Extras" button each time.

  4. bump

  5. Sorry, the button is labeled "update extras" and is below and to the left.

  6. Right, I've clicked that button every time. It seems to me, from reading these forums, that Snap Shots is some terrible default feature everyone scrambles to turn off. Why am I having the opposite problem?

  7. last time--bump.

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