I added email accounts when I started my blog, now I can't.

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    When I started my blog with you I was able to add email directly through the dashboard. I see that you have changed to not offering email, and that I need to go through another service to set up more emails for my blog. I apologize for my lack of being tech savvy, but this is why I ended up here after all. Anyway, here are my thoughts:

    1. Why didn’t you inform me (or us) of this change to your service? An email or something would have been proper business practice. When we signed up, and purchased the domain through WP, you agreed to provided certain services and abilities with the blog, and you changed this mid-stream without any notification to us.

    2. How do I control the email accounts I have now? I set up 3 emails accounts and need to change the password on one of them so we can access it. The password I set up through WP allowed me to use the “@” symbol, but when you try to login to Google to set it up it rejects the password because it doesn’t allow those characters in their passwords – so we cannot login to access it.

    3. I realize we need to set up a Go Daddy or Google apps account, I just wished you’d said something. I think your actions are pretty much as unprofessional as I could imagine, given the resources and abilities you have at your disposal.

    4. Why don’t you have post a notice or something on your support page to notify blogs that were set up prior to your email service change so I would know I wasn’t crazy? Or am I?

    And the whole whiny lead-in you have to this support page about you being so busy is pathetic – get off you rear-ends and try to provide the level of service you promise. It all sounds good, but is it real? Seems like you are just claiming it rather than DOING it.

    Thanks for a lotta nothin’

    The blog I need help with is koreconsultants.com.



    Hi there, I’m sorry that you’re frustrated with using email for your custom domain.

    Like most other web site platforms, our development is focused on delivering a great web publishing experience.

    We support connecting email hosting to your custom domain name by adding custom DNS records to your account. This method is explained in our Add Email and Custom DNS support pages.

    The process may sound complicated, but it’s very common and once it’s all set up correctly email delivery works without a problem.

    WordPress.com bloggers can use any email hosting provider that allows message delivery through custom DNS records, which most do. You’ve always been free to select any provider of your choice. In the past we suggested Google Apps as a first choice for most users, as it was free and very stable. We are not however affiliated in any corporate way with Google.

    Google withdrew their Free Apps service from the market about two weeks ago without any warning. We therefore removed the “Add Email” link in the dashboard that previously had prompted users through setting up a free Google Apps account. We replaced this with support pages that explain the options users currently have to set up email with another provider and connect it to their domain hosted at WordPress.com:


    I’ve checked on your custom DNS records and confirmed that your email service is still pointing to Google Apps correctly. In order to add additional email boxes, change passwords, or do any other management of your email hosting provided by Google, you would need to be logged into your Google Apps dashboard here:


    If you have any difficulty with logging in, adding mailboxes, or changing passwords or settings, you should contact support for Google Apps:


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