I added my blog URL to my Disqus account

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    I am trying to understand who and how is putting spam tweets from my twitter account
    and came to conclusion that the only way is through my Disqus account:

    Recently, I added my blog as website to my Disqus account
    and, after looking in its configauration once more. I see that comments can be put without moderation
    I also gave access to twitter – I had to while commenting some other blogs
    (and I do not understand why both read and WRITE access without any choice was given?)

    Though there are NO strange comments (except my own) I can see in my Disqus accounts.

    Anyway, I’d like to understand:

    • the spam tweets are all abt “weight loss”.
    • Can I Search all my comments – approved, spam, pending, trashed – for a keyword? How?

    • Who is catching spam comments first in this case – Disqus or built-in WP.com Akismet?
    • Suppose, Disqus caught spam, it would not appear in admin panel of blog?
    • Suppose Disqus has put comment without moderation/approval, would it pass through in-built Akismet?
    • Will I see comments in my WP.com blog admin panel or I should search them in the blog?

    The blog I need help with is keycaptchaured.wordpress.com.



    We cannot install Disqus on free hosted WordPress.com blogs. All WordPress.com blogs have Askimet installed and that’s where my knowledge ends.

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