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I already have .html and .css files from my last webspace

  1. My ISP stopped allowing website hosting. I need a new home for my website. I do not want to rewrite my code or retrofit my pages to fit in a theme. Where do I turn?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

    What software did you use for your website? A CMS like WordPress, or did you manually code the HTML and CSS files for your site?

    If your site was coded manually, there's no way you can just import it to a CMS like WordPress, be it or the self-hosted version. If you don't want to go through the process of modifying your content for a specific CMS I'd suggest you look at Google Sites, AWS, or any hosting provider where you can just set up a new site on a server again using your existing files.

    It's not possible to upload HTML and CSS files to sites, period. The only way to import content to a site is via a compatible WXR export file, and only content can be imported, not templates/designs.

  3. Thank you for your advice. I'm working with GitHub to get my webpages back up. Hope it works. Thanks again, it really did help me out.


    Al & Louie Strano email: [email redacted] (personal and Posada webpages temporarily unavailable)

  4. GitHub pages would also do the trick, yes :)

    Glad I could help.

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