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  1. This thread is inspired with IAmA sub-reddit of Here you can tell about your profession, your interests, your blogging passion and more what you like (except personal information of other users and emails). Fellow readers will read your short biography and If they like they will visit to your blog to discover more about you. Then can also friend you on facebook or twitter (if both like).
    What You can post:

    Your original name, facebook or twitter ids, Profession, Location, Blogging Interests etc.

    What not to post:

    Extremely personal informations like address, contact nos., emails, spam and fake profiles.

    Please follow the forum regulations and don't comment rudely on others.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I am Gaurav Tiwari, A student blogger and math lover from India and I blog about Mathematical Sciences on my main blog. I have a Photoblog too. I am also on facebook and Twitter and I discover the Google plus. I love to rethink about the topics I read and my blogging subjects are: math, physics, chemistry, computer science, social issues and media.

  3. Sayali, aged 22. I work for Event Management firm, B.Tech by qualification and a part time freelance journalist. Have worked as a news presenter for a local channel, tutored kids and worked in a laboratory briefly if you want to count.

    About my blog Finding 42 -
    42 was the answer to the all questions about life (‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’). But could have well been a mislead. This blog is my way to find the ’42′.
    Chronicles of the experiences that lead me to it. Chronicles of my encounters during my attempts to decode, understand and find the ’42′ that we all incessantly look for.

    I do not wish to give out my facebook and twitter info for security reasons.

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