I am a complete newbie and want to add my tagline

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    I am seriously new, know nothing about CSS and am planning on buying “WordPress for Dummies” when the 2nd edition comes out in Feb (Unless there are some better recs from you all) to help get me started on my blog. In the meantime I would like to add my tagline instead of the default “Just another WordPress.com weblog”. Can someone please break it down in very simple terms what I need to do? Thank you so much!

    My blog: scenthive.com



    Do you mean http://scenthive.wordpress.com/ ?

    It’s under settings>general in your dashboard. No CSS required.

    And don’t buy CSS until you know what you are doing. There is no official support for it and only a few people in the forums know anything about it. Best bet is to use the preview option until you learn your way around.



    Also, don’t buy WordPress for Dummies. I’d bet that 99% of it is ONLY relevant to people with wordpress.org blogs and not wordpress.com blogs. Anything you need to know is in the support section (see button at the top of the page) or on the forums.


    Also, not all themes will display the tagline in the header just in case you change themes later on and it disappears.



    vivianpaige, yes! That is it and what I wanted to do. Thanks so much. Thanks everyone else as well for the feedback on WP for Dummies, might hold off on that since it sounds like it focuses on WP.org. Maybe I can figure it out as I go?



    <i>Maybe I can figure it out as I go? </i>

    I expect so. It’s really not hard and the FAQ’s and forums will have all the answers you need.

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