I am admin, I also need to be author

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    I am the admin of my site. I also need to be labeled as author of my posts. I found a help topic from 5 years ago, but nothing about resolutions… Can someone help? Wanting my posts to be linked to my name as author.

    The blog I need help with is scribblingsideways.wordpress.com.



    I looked at your site and it appeared that author name and link are present on the site, but hidden. (Don’t ask me why, though, it’s just designed that way by the theme author).

    This is what it looks like when I un-hide it:


    (See your name next to “January 11, 2014”).

    You can un-hide this if you have the Custom CSS upgrade, though:


    If you do decide to purchase the upgrade, head to the CSS Customization forum afterward and me or other users there will show you how to un-hide the author text and link.



    You should be able to fix it for FREE – no CSS required

    add a second person (account) to your blog (can be you with a 2nd email if you want – then have the 2nd person as the author of a single Post – that should then activate the show Author part of the Post –

    Many themes don’t show the Author if there is only one active Author on a blog

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