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I... Am... Avatar!

  1. At least I will be, as soon as the DB finds it in the images uploaded

  2. uummm I guess you didn't see this thread

  3. Going on two hours now for mine. :(

    edit: Oh, there they are. :)

    leighm, that's a good likeness of you. :)

  4. hmmm why is mine so small? What can I do to make it large enough to see ... back to drawing board *sigh*
    edit: I must have submitted one that was too small ... off to rectify. Oh and drmike - always be careful about what you wish for (porn avatars) lol. Of course erotic avatars are a completely different matter, aren't they?

  5. still grinding the axe about porn, eh?
    well, i'll stick to the CG pr0n. guys with pr0n avatars always seem like they're experiencing gender confusion.

  6. Sweet! They follow mine advice ;)!

  7. arunchullikkal

    any chance it appears in the post?

  8. @ babbler
    Good advice - thanks!

    I will always be on the soapbox about the sea of crass, tasteless and vulgar porn in the inernet. IMO is a world of difference between porn and erotic art.

    Who the heck are the CG prOn guys with avatars? Are they wordpress bloggers?

  9. no, CG pr0n is the wankery that's in my current blog header. and my avatar, whenever that shows up here.

    i meant other guys with the, uh.. 'crass tasteless and vulgar' avatars that frequent gaming forums and the like.

  10. @kamel
    Gosh [said she narrowing her eyes] gaming forums frequented by crass, tasteless and vulgar porn avatars ... hmmm ... Now let me see. I know! While I go and find some eye bleach and my broom, you can draw up my flight itinerary (the URL list) directing me to these hell holes. ;)

  11. Boo! It an anime gif, and now it's sooooo .... lifeless.

  12. Ahhh yes I see your point ... but you can change it to another one as often as you like.

  13. Hoping mine shows up :)

  14. You're avatar is showing up fine vivian. You're very photogenic and you have a great smile. If the photo background were lighter it would be even better but that's just the "picky" artist in me speaking. ;)

  15. My avatar isn't showing up in my new comments yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? When I uploaded it into my profile it showed up no worries, but nothing in my comments section on my new comments.

  16. OK ignore that...I just re-read VERY CAREFULLY that they were supposed to show up on "this" blog...not my own blog as yet. I am such a tard!

  17. Nope! you're not. Everyone makes mistakes. In fact I'm quite good at skim reading over imporatant points myself. ;)

  18. They'll show up on your own blog soon enough.

  19. I can't wait!

  20. A suggestion to staff. Since I'm here most days, allowing me the access to blank out an avatar here in the forums might be a good idea. :)

  21. Hi all! ;) Just wanted to see if my avatar is working.
    Im new here, and just trying to find my footing.
    Pardon the highjacking of this thread.
    Should I of started my own topic?

  22. @velvethammer
    You've found the right thread and as you can see your eyes are showing up but just barely.

  23. @timethief Thanks! Yes it is a .gif and not transferring well.
    I may switch it out later.

  24. salam kenal!

  25. bangagus: hi, apa khabar? di sini sebenarnya bahasa pengantarnya adalah bahasa inggeris, dan patutnya kita bercakap di sini jika ada pertanyaan mengenai belog kerana wordpress tidak membenarkan chat di sini.

  26. Yappa darpa schween.
    Makka Larpa bleem.

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