I Am Being Accused Of Plagiarism

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    Hey everyone. This has been bothering me. Someone has been accusing me of plagiarizing their blog when I have actually never been to their page. Not only did she write in my comments that I need to credit here, she created a post on her blog claiming that I stole her idea. I won’t stand for slander and accusations so if you have the time, take a look at the two blogs and see if you see any resemblance at all. Thanks

    My blog entry: Growing Up In The 1990’s: The Best Toys

    and you can find this persons blog under the comment section. It really is ridiculous but I won’t stand for lies.

    The blog I need help with is receptionchronicles.wordpress.com.



    This is a peer support forum for WordPress.com members who require support with blog issues. We Volunteers are your fellow bloggers and we cannot assist you.
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    You seemed to have handled it well. If I were you, I’d leave things as they are; people can make up their own minds.

    You could also google “toys of the ’90’s” and list all the articles you can find. There must be several hundred. That should quiet her down.


    thats what i thought.

    also sorry got confused where to post it. i shall take it down :)


    Plagiarism means copying or paraphrasing content from another source and presenting it as your own. You haven’t done that in your post: in fact, you aren’t even talking about the things the other blogger does.


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