I am confused about pages, posts,catagories, tags

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    I know what I want but not how to get there.
    I want a Front Page, with all other pages/posts info on it, some picts etc.
    I want the Pages(I assume) to be in tabs across the top:
    Info/expert page
    hobby page
    Are all of the above static pages? With posts within?
    And where do catagories come in?
    IF they are pages with posts, how do I get the posts to go to the specific pages– Just open the page and start typing?
    IF that is so- Would I look at each individual page as a ‘blog’ in itself?
    I think I need a picture of this… Thanks

    The blog I need help with is deletewheat.com.



    There is only ONE page in a blog that automatically updates with every post we publish and it’s the front page of the blog, unless we choose to change that. When we publish a post it will automatically appear in the Archives and also on the Category pages of the categories that we assigned to a post.

    It’s important to comprehend the differences between pages and posts.We cannot assign categories or tags to static pages. We can only assign them to posts. > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2010/05/12/better-blogging-at-wordpress-com-pages-and-posts/

    Although we cannot post to more than one page we can create the appearance that we have done that by setting up a custom menu. That feature is available for some themes but not for all themes.

    custom menus > http://en.support.wordpress.com/menus/



    I am really trying to have a webpage/with blog in it.
    From my above list: should all of these be pages that I post to? Right now i have three pages, two are static; about and my front page- Recipe is a page, that I will post to regularly with picts and such, should it actually be a post? I am thinking I post in a post? IF I do that, can my Recipe Post have it’s own tab in the menu? like a page.
    But if I only post in on a post, what is the point of a page if it is not static?
    Sorry for the dumbness



    Make POSTS, not pages, and use appropriate categories so that when someone clicks on Recipe in your Categories widget or custom menu, they get just the recipes.

    Re-read the link above about posts and pages.

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