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I am confused about plugins and HTML

  1. mistressxavialune

    I have two questions...the first is it seems I can't have plugins on my blog. I have a standard wordpress blog, not one with its own domain, I only recently signed up for wordpress so I am still learning, I cant seem to find plugins anywhere in the dashboard or elsewhere, and if I download a plugin I can never figure out how to install it. That may sound really stupid, but I'm just a beginner...

    Another beginner type question I have is why can't I get HTML to work on my blog? I thought that was what the text widget was for? But whenever I put HTML in it, it does nothing. I assume one cannot put HTML in the actual blogspace, either..

    Well if anyone can clear up these two topics for me thatd be great.

  2. Hi Mistressxavialune

    Actually in you can't install plugins from outside, as wordpress doesn't give ftp access to their database. So, installation of plugins is not allowed on free wordpress blog.But, If you want to install plugins you have to take paid hosting service.

    Yes, using text widget you can use HTML code in wordpress.But, some HTML format for example <iframe> is not supported in Text Widget.

    So, It would better if you inform which code you used actually.

    Om Prakash

  3. @mistressxavialune

    A quick search of the support documents will tell you which codes are and are not allowed on

    Keep in mind that there are two separate flavors of WordPress, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

    There are sometimes work-arounds for wp.COM to accomplish things a plug-in would do on wp.ORG. Specifically, what are you hoping to to?

  4. mistressxavialune

    Oh thanks. That helps a for what I was trying to do, I was trying to make a photo gallery. I really didnt want to have to link to an outside site for where all my photos are stored. I found a nice photogallery plugin but since I can't do that with the free wordpress I might just upgrade..Will I have to start all over learning how to do things or will it generally be the same thing?

  5. @mistressxavialune
    We can create photo galleries on free hosted blogs. No plugins are required to do that. See here >
    See also >

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