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i am ecstatic about my page rank!

  1. bloggersanjida

    My page rank says zero!


    and i am not being sarcastic at all! you see, ever since i installed the pr widget, it kept on saying n/a.

    finally i have a number!

    ah, these newbies, there's no telling what they're gonna be excited about next ;)

  2. bloggersanjida

    DARN IT!
    my pr still fluctuales between n/a and zero.

    well, what's tomorrow for!

  3. I suggest that tomorrow or better still today is the day for beginning to create some content in your 3 blogs that will result in a page rank.

  4. Google might be updating their page ranks soon. It happens every few months. I think it should be soon.

  5. bloggersanjida

    thanks tt,
    i am not worried about three blogs at all. i am thoroughly enjoying myself.

    as for content, i think i am doing fine as far as my primary blog is concerned.
    i have pr installed only in that blog!

    thanks to you both for the responses.

  6. My Page Rank is 4 from 10

  7. Anyone know when Google is updating their pageranks again?

  8. thistimethisspace

    The last time I recall was April and before that it was January.

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