I am getting double comment notification e-mails

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    I would like to receive an e-mail notification when a new comment is posted, but currently I am getting two e-mails for each comment.

    The first e-mail I get comes from (email redacted). This first e-mail is mostly text in content, has the full comment embedded, and some links to reply by e-mail. Then I immediately get a second e-mail notification for the same comment, but this one is in html format, shows the user’s avatar and comment, and looks prettier in general.

    My first thought was that I signed up to get an e-mail every time a comment was posted, but maybe also am “following” this comment thread? I can’t seem to figure out how to only get one notification.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is galleryattendants.wordpress.com.


    I posted about this exact same issue the morning of the 10th and never received a response. The thing was some hours after I wrote the post, I started getting just one email again.

    Here was my post, if you are curious…

    I wonder if it has to do with changes they are making with the email notifications. I noticed that same day, people were complaining about getting NO email notifications.

    Are you still getting two emails for one comment?


    Hi there,

    Yes, I am still having this issue as of 8/16/12 (which is when the last comment was posted). My initial thought that I had my e-mail notification on, IN ADDITION TO possibly “following” the comment thread is now debunked, since I commented on a separate thread in which I did not select to “follow” the responses and am still getting two, separate notifications for each comment.

    Still not sure how to fix this other than turning notifications off, then on again to see if it continues…



    Hi there,
    We Volunteers can’t help with this so I flagged the thread for Staff attention.



    Do these emails look exactly the same, or do they have slightly different styles?



    Ah glad to see this is posted as I have been getting the same. The emails have different styles.

    One appears to be from (email redacted) and gives the commenters name and then quotes a chunk from my post and then the comment below

    the other is from

    (email redacted) and just gives the comment

    I would prefer not to have two as well. Hope Staff can help me too please.




    I didn’t realise you couldn’t put email addresses in comments here.

    Do I have to put them in brackets or something or in words … ? OK here goes the first one is from ‘do not reply at wordpress dot com’ the other one is from ‘ comment reply at wordpress dot com’


    Both of these notifications are coming from “donotreply at wordpress dot com,” but in my inbox, the author is shown as from “comment-reply” for one (the plain text notification) and for the other the author is the name of my blog (this is the html notification).


    zebathome wrote:

    I didn’t realise you couldn’t put email addresses in comments here.

    I am not able to help, but I wanted to bring this up. Yes, you can put full email addresses in here, BUT they are blocked from view except for staff and maybe moderators. People have placed their email addresses on here (not a wise thing to usually do), but sometimes it is needed to work through an issue.



    One appears to be from comment-reply (at) wordpress.com and gives the commenters name and then quotes a chunk from my post and then the comment below

    These are comment notifications sent to you as the author of the post or admin of the blog.

    the other is from donotreply (at) wordpress.com and just gives the comment

    This is an email you receive when you subscribe to a post’s comments. You can unsubscribe from these via a link at the bottom of the email.

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