I am getting this “your browser may not support display of this image”

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    I am getting this “your browser may not support display of this image”

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    What can I do to fix this?

    Thanks Scott



    It sounds like a browser issue try clearing your cache & cookies
    then restart your browser & see if that fixes the browser issue
    for you.



    thats what I thought too but cleared cache tried on chrome, firefox and ie and getting same message

    good idea though thanks



    I visited the link you provided & the only images I see is the get social bar.
    Are you getting this message after you click a certain link on the article
    it self or when you try to view the article in general.



    I cant see it from the front page at scotttesta.com nor at the direct link at http://scotttesta.com/2008/12/19/how-to-get-text-links-from-linkedin/

    thanks scott


    What you’ve pasted as the image URL is not a working URL – perhaps because it’s an image you only see after logging in LinkedIn.



    ok someone sent me the post as an attachment downloaded as a word doc cut and pasted it into visual window of post

    How do I get the image to appear then?

    I am sorry this may seem basic. .

    Thanks for your help Scott


    If that’s the case, you can take a snapshot of that screen, crop it, and upload it in your blog.


    (My previous reply obviously typed before yours was posted.)

    What do you mean “sent you the POST”?



    Do I take a snapshot of the entire post or just the images?

    How do I take the snapshot?

    Thanks Scott


    – Does the image show up in that Word doc you received? If yes, you can take a snapshot of that. If not, you’ll have to go to LinkedIn and follow the steps till you reach the relevant screen.

    – In Macs, taking a screen snapshot is command-shift-3. I’m not sure how it’s done in PCs – do you have a Print Screen key in your keyboard?

    – Your post includes lots of junk code (because you pasted from Word). And that’s why the font in your blog varies from post to post. You’ll need to clean them up, but that’s another story.




    You’re linking to a google mail attachment, that’s why you won’t see your image.


    Download your image to your computer, upload it to wordpress, then update the image URL and your image should be displayed.


    Ah, so that’s what it was! Thanks devblog.



    sure thing.



    Awesome that seems to work but when I try to insert image from my computer as a jpg the formatting gets all messed up. . is there such a thing as some type of online editor that will take a word doc or text dor. .and format it correctly then paste into word press. . I am having a number of people who are sending me things to post and most of the time it is easiest for them to send in word . .just a thought



    Yes. Windows Live Writer, Ecto, Blogdesk, etc.

    Do not paste from Word. You cannot believe what it’ll do to your blog in the long run.




    Windows Live Writer may be able to handle that. Its a free download.

    I just did a quick test post cut and pasted from word (without photos so you may have to link those in separately)into WLW and it worked fine. And it cleared out a lot of the code too.



    Great . . thanks for everyones help! Man did I learn my lesson! Thanks Scott

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