I am having a button design contest.

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    If this kind of posting isn’t allowed in the forums, just tell me and I will delete this :)

    Design a button contest here If you win, you get 20 free buttons with your design on it. This contest will go on and on, every month a new batch of buttons will be printed, if you guys keep entering, it will get big enough to give out cash prizes! After the 5th batch of buttons has been made, they will be bringing in enough money for a $100 prize to the winners! And with every batch the prize will grow by $100. So by submitting, you can win prizes, and help them grow so you can get even bigger prizes later on!



    ok ignore this, i cancelled it



    I’m glad you cancelled this for profit advertising thingee. WordPress is pretty much an opensource sharing and caring kind of community and advertising is not allowed on our blogs.

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