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I am having multiple issues. Almost nothing is working on my site right now.

  1. I keep getting a notice to update my browser soon or my alerts will stop working, but I already have the latest version of my browser. And beginning today lots of things aren't working on my blog site.

    Blog url:

  2. According to our system here, you're running IE 7.

    Are you using IE 9 in compatibility mode? If so, Microsoft has chosen (for some odd reason) for this combination to be reported as IE 7.

  3. I am using IE 9. I don't know what compatability mode is?

  4. Compatibility mode pretty much renders websites as they would be under IE 7, which really defeats the purpose of running IE 9.

    You can disable compatibility view following this guide:

  5. That fixed the statistics issue. Thx. But I still can't edit my categories. I want to rename a few and delete a few. Maybe I just don't know how.

  6. Are you editing them via Posts -> Categories in your blog's Dashboard?

    What are you trying to change them from/to?

  7. I just want to change the name of the category. For example "Sex" I want to change to "Adult Content" and I want to eliminate a category and consolidate a bit. I tried on the dashboard but couldn't figure out how to do anything but "add a category".

  8. See this for editing and deleting categories:

    Also, make sure that the content is not pornographic. That's not allowed at

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