i am in bad situation

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    what is Rss and how can i add it on my page
    answer me on my blog


    The blog I need help with is nanuca.wordpress.com.



    RSS is really simple sindication. It’s document is called ‘feed’ which is your post in full or part. A feed is read in a feed reader. If you offer RSS (through adding a widget in your sidebar) people will subscribe your feed and they’ll read it in any feed reader like google feed reader or their e-mail. It means, they can read you posts without visiting your blog. To add RSS, add its widget in the top of your sidebar. It’s very easy.



    Visited you blog. You are already offering RSS in your ‘Blogroll’ at the bottom of your sidebar. You need not add it anymore.



    @nanuca When a question is asked in the forums the answer is given in the forums so it’s available for anyone looking for the same answer so please don’t request for the answer to be given on your blog because most likely you will NOT receive the answer there.

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