I am locked out of my blog; can't access the dashboard

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    After doing a Password Recovery, I now find that upon logging in with my correct Username and my new Password, WordPress no longer acknowledges me as the Owner and/or Admin of my blog. Note: I am the only user, owner, and admin.

    The blog is FaithSpeaksInc.wordpress.com

    When I now log into WordPress, it now opens a page that shows “Blogs I Follow”, and there I see my own Faith Speaks Inc blog. This WordPress Page says I am “following” Faith Speaks Inc and does not give me any dashboard access.

    If I then click on the button “My Blog” at the top of that first page, it opens a page which reads “You don’t have a blog yet. Why not get started right away? ” :(

    I have searched the forums, I have re-booted by computer, I have tried other browsers, I have updated my browsers, and that is all that my kindergarten-level of technology will be able to understand … I have no code experience.

    Can anyone help me get back in as OWNER and the only ADMIN to my FaithSpeaksInc.wordpress.com blog?

    Many thanks,


    Kris, at WordPress, has resolved this issue for me.

    Thank you Kris!!



    I’m glad you were able to sort it out.

    I’m going to close this thread now. Feel free to open a new thread if you have other support questions in the future.

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