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I am missing an entry published previously.

  1. Hello, I finished a blog entry earlier today around 6:00pm CT and published. I had been saving my draft periodically as well, and also when I finished writing. It was a fairly long post that I poured a good few hours into. This evening I was working on my following entry which wound up not taking very long, and when I posted it, I noticed that the page I had published earlier was completely missing. I panicked momentarily but figured something had happened in publishing and the page would be saved to the drafts. Now the entry is showing up in drafts, but other than the title the page is completely blank. I had put a good bit of effort into that page and would very much like to get the content back if at all possible. Is there anything that can be done?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is unfortunately not uncommon. It's particularly associated with people who use any form of New Post except going to the Dashboard Posts page and clicking New Post there. That's the ONLY place to write a post where the autosave appears to actually work.

    I'm afraid there aren't many options. You can search Google and see if they have a cached version of your post, but that's all I can suggest, alas.

  3. You may also wish to use an offline blog editor until this has been cleared up. That way you always have a copy on your computer.

  4. Hm. If I search for the page on Google I can see the entry, including irritatingly hopeful snippets of the content I need in the preview text. When I click the link it just routes me back to the blog as it is now with the missing content. Do you know of a way I can force the cached page to open instead of the current page?

    Also, yes, I will most definitely be working on my machine locally from now on.

  5. I'm so sorry you lost a post.

    Could you please let me know the post title and/or provide a link to it in Google's results? I can show you how to open the cached version if possible.

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