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I am newer than a noob and I need help please

  1. I am very new to blogging, never done anything like it so here goes.

    I started a blog then decided to create new one, and purchased a domain name Then stuffed everything up.

    Got confused between current blog and new domain name, now nothing seems to be in the same place and links are different, purchased another domain by accident, since cancelled.

    All I would like to do is start from scratch using the domain name I purchased ( )and scrap everything else. I really need some help with this so thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. thistimethisspace

    Not to worry as Staff will assist you with sorting this. I flagged this thread for their attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. What is the URL of the blog that you'd like me to move the domain to?

    If you have not yet registered one, you can do that by visiting while logged in.

  4. Hi, thank you for your help I really am new to this, I think I have a blog called (acidextreme) that is the name located top right hand corner.

    Many thanks hope that helps, if not ???

  5. Whoops, I get confused between blogs names etc. Can I start a fresh blog I have no posts as yet just started trying to get layout and link properly.

    If we need to setup a new blog lets call it Acid Trial,

  6. Sure, just visit while logged in to create the new blog.

    When you have it, let me know the blog's URL, and I'll move your domain to it.

  7. Hi Mac Manx

    I have just created a new blog URL,

    1. Sorry I should have stated that the problem is when I type in it gives me the old I think ??

    2. What does 'acidextreme' represent ??

    Many thanks, I really do appreciate the Help


  8. 1. I have moved to as requested.

    2. I'm not sure, I don't see that on your account.

    You also registered as a domain name. Would you like me to cancel and refund that?

  9. Hi Mac Manx,

    Whoops #2 worries me, is it just a time issue, I really thought I had registered ( perhaps I am doing something wrong.

    Your last paragraph, I didn't realise I had done but if so please cancel.
    Use the funds for the site if you can


  10. You did register and that's what I moved to

    What you had mentioned earlier was "What does 'acidextreme' represent?" not acidsblog.

    I have canceled and refunded the other domain as requested.

  11. Hi MacManx,

    Many thanks for your help, so now I can delete all blogs (actually there is only one FarCry3) that will leave me with Acids blog.

    I await your OK with bated breath.

    PS Where does (acidextreme) come into the picture or is it my register name

  12. acidextreme is just your username, it's not a blog.

    You can now safely delete the undesired blog following this guide:

  13. Thank you Macmanx, that is what I found a bit confusing, this is all a learning curve, actually a very new language.

    Again many thanks for your Help.


  14. You're welcome!

  15. However if you set the unneeded blogs to private you have practice sites - also if you delete a blog name it is gone forever even from you - most of us recommend that you don't delete a blog because of the loss of the name - also many people have deleted the wrong blog when cleaning things up

  16. Hi Macmanx and AuxClass again my thanks I did read about the deleting blog and I haven't deleted it.

    I think I will treat it as you suggest (private) and play with it for a few days.

  17. you be welcome & good luck

  18. Hi Guys I at least I hope it is guys.......

    I have a blog FarCry3.... but it shows this message when I log into it on the Web, is this anything to worry about I don't want to upset anything now that I have a blog up and running.

    Many thanks,


  19. Whoops I forgot to include the message

    Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain.

  20. seems to be working just fine.

    Please try clearing your browser's cache:

  21. Hi MacManx,

    Sorry I didn't mean the one you just did, that is fine.

    I have another blog which I was going to delete called FarCry3, but under advisement decided to keep it ( I would like too anyway ) just trying to clean up the Dashboards etc. so I don't get confused, that is easily done at my age.

    Its address is but when I go to it, it displays this message

    ----- Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain. -----

    Any thoughts, many thanks


  22. seems to be fine too.

    Have you tried clearing your browser's cache?

  23. Hi Macmanx,

    Eureka..... Now all going well, many thanks.

    I am actually using IE 10, seems to be fussier about setup, cookies etc. took me a little while to sort it out.

    Still both blogs now working well, thanks again.


  24. You're welcome!

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