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    There seems to be a problem about the Danish letters Æ,Ø and Å. I am not sure, that my observation is correct but I think it is.

    When I take a direct link to a post, that have these Danish letters in it, the link goes out of order in a mail. When one click the link, the blog writes: oh, you are looking for something that is not there – Error 404 – Not Found

    It is a new problem – it came after the difficulties on WordPress this week.

    What should I do to fix this? I have tried mailing myself with various links and the problem is there every time.

    Danish letters in the link and it is out of order. But if it is all in English, it works fine. This only happens with links from WordPress, it seems.

    Hope for some ideas…


    Actually I just found out: links don’t even work as copy/paste directly into the browser. Something is wrong with the way WordPress translate Æ,Ø and Å into something browsers can read?

    Or am I doing something wrong?

    I am glad, I do not have these special letters in my blog name. :-D


    I just found a Danish blogger who altered all his head lines. Just to make his blog work again.

    I really would appreciate some response?


    I had the very same problem! I had to remove all æ ø å (special danish language) characters from my post’s titles. Otherwise I would get 404 errors when clicking on the links. Also, title’s with those aforementioned characters, wouldn’t be forewarded by feeds.


    I also tried to convert all my post’s to the permalink format (ie. blogs.wordpress.com/page=24) – to circumvent the danish character problem, but that feature seems missing now?


    Please – the headline link do not even work for komments. It is a dead end – what do we do?


    Perhaps this is a known bug, which is being resolved atm?


    No, I can see that comments have not been made in posts with ÆØÅ for hours. Must be more than a day, I think…


    I wonder if bloggers from other countries have problems with special characters – letters?


    The problem emerged 2 days ago for me. Has there been made fundamental changes to WordPress recently?


    Yes. A very big WordPress update gave difficulties for quite a number of blogs 2 days ago.


    Hm, this problem must be fixed. I can’t believe only danish characters are affected? Surely german characters like ü must also be affected?


    I will try to look around and see…


    It seems to follow certain themes…


    I changed my theme from K2 to Kubrick. It still didn’t help.


    Ha ha. Well, – there is reason for that. They are both affected. :-D)))

    Here: 2 more Danish blogs with 404-æøå-bug – same themes:



    Pour man. You really have been through some trouble, I see. New theme, new headlines. :-D)))

    Aha ha ha! :)

    But forum is an alternative that one should consider – at least once in a while. Don’t you think?? :-D)))))


    PS: He is a blogger colleage, he is a Dane and this is called having a sense of humor. :)


    It suddenly feels so lonely in here…

    Hahahah. :-D)))))

    I have contacted Support and will get back if they answer.


    Now I kown what you went through. I am starting to change my headlines….


    I have 1,631 posts to go through. I don’t find this funny anymore…

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