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I am not sure about this...

  1. Iceland is still partially out of order. It is listed under "Íslenska" at WordPress. Here is an Icelandic blog that is not working:

    Examples - posts:

  2. islamofascisme

    I got an email from support, they claim the problem is fixed. Clearly it isn't fixed in denmark and on iceland.

  3. There now. A new email to Support. I have been a WordPress blogger since January. I really do not understand this...


  4. Some of the Danes have tried to change the theme. But is seems that once this mistake is coded into the post, the problem follows and occur in the new theme as well. In the beginning it seemed like some sort of a curse that followed specific persons!

    Glad to know, that this is not the case! :-D)))

  5. AAAAnd one more Danish blog partially down. Quote:

    "Ooops...Where did you get such a link ?
    Server cannot locate what you are looking for !
    You are looking for something that is not here now.
    You can always try doing a search or browsing through the Archives.
    Don't loose your hope just yet."



  6. Just to illustrate the picture. It is a general problem...

    In most cases it seems to be the letter ae or Æ that causes problems. Norway and Iceland have the same issue.

  7. Here is a Norwegian blog with the same problem. She started a thread about it on the of September:



    I hope Staff can use some of this information to locate the bug? I am trying to be of some use. :)

    And a thread from Iceland:

  8. On some of our blogs the “Post Slug” is completely empty. Some say, that there was supposed to be something written in it that one could alter. Is that a part of the problem?

    I am reporting our findings. We discuss this via emails and on our blogs. Also I am locating blogs with this issue.

  9. It's probably about the post slug and implementation of the rewrite rules. I seriously doubt that theme matters. But it seems to work now, at least for me:

  10. I am beginning to think the same: it is probably not related to specific themes. I thought so when the difficulties first appeared. :-D

  11. I have the same problem as described in this thread:

    Might it be solved, if you were able to link to posts by its number - instead of the full title?


  12. I find the tag "bizar" quite bizar. It is many blogs in many countries that have - among other things - the comment function cut of on a number of posts. I wonder who put that tag on the thread? And why...

    It is not even spelled right.

  13. Same problem here too.

    It would be cool if æ, ø and å would convert to "ae", "oe" and "aa".

  14. I am told that all posts on WordPress have an individual number. If that number was used as the post url instead, all language problems in this connection will be gone forever.

  15. It would be very nice to hear if there were any news about this? Many of the categories do not work. It used to be possible to click a category headline and get a hole thread about a specific issue. That is not possible at the moment. Would there be anyone in here at WordPress who knows when solution could be expected?

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