I am not sure about this…

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    Any information you can give (no matter how trivial) might help fix this one faster with staff. I would suggest putting in the themes that you have tested it out on and if you had any settings that also changed things for you when reporting this to staff. Just might be a small detail that cracks the solution out of the ashes…….!



    Well yesterday we identified the problem to K2 and Kubrick but now it seems that the bug follows specific persons. Not themes.

    We have identified one Danish blog in ‘Silver is the New Black’ working fine and one not.

    Thanks to trent and raincoaster for commenting. That was nice. :-D


    I see icelandic blogs are having problems with special characters as well.

    Does anyone know why the options->perma-link tab is gone? Could this be related?


    Google searchers also get a 404 – Not Found when they arrive on my blog…


    heh, maybe we are under the new surveillance act ;)


    Haha. You must be joking!

    No, I am sorry but you are not sharp enough to deserve that kind of attention. Neither am I for that matter…

    But grow a beard and start wearing a dress. That might help. :)



    I hope you dont mean “sharp” as in a descriptor of intelligence. Else, speak for yourself! ;)


    All right, – tough then… :-D)))


    It is getting worse. Now some of the old posts, that was supposed to have been fixed are showing a 404 again. Not Found.

    This also goes for posts where I changed the headline, so that no Æ, Ø or Å appear in them.

    Ideas really would be very welcome. What should I do?


    I have now for the second time received an email from Support that says, that the problem has been fixed. But it isn’t fixed. I still have several posts that can’t be commented on because people get a 404 – Not Found – when they click the headline.

    What should I do? I really need help…

    And yes – I did write Support. Again.


    Contacting support again is your best option. Make sure that you include links to the posts which are coming up with the 404 error so that they can easily find them.


    But I have 1,635 posts. Am I really supposed to check each and every single one manually?

    I did include a few links as examples, though..


    I first wrote about this problem on September 19. And it is really frustrating to have these malfunctions on the blog not just hour after hour but day after day.

    If there is anything I can do, I will. I will do whatever it takes to get this problem fixed.

    Unfortunately Support is closed for the weekend. But I was wondering, if it is possible to pay for the necessary help? All I wish for is access to the same functions on my blog as every one else have and I would gladly pay to get that.

    It is quite a number of posts that is not available for comments – it’s been so for days now and I would sincerely like to get into dialog with my readers again.

    The problem is only partially fixed.

    So is it possible to pay for the repair? I am willing to do anything. Perhaps I ought to open a mirror site on an other blog system?

    I like WordPress very, very much but it is of cause a more intelligent choice to have a blog host that support the Danish language?



    Email support at WordPress dot com. Mark is around, and I know he’s working on issues. Even if you pay a freelancer to try to work it out, staff still need to make the fix because they are the only ones with access to the guts of your blog.


    I did write Support. But I wrote to the WP-guy who wrote me – that was a WordPress-Support-address though. Should I write again? This time to an other address? Should that be (email redacted) or support@wordpress.com?

    What I intended was to buy the maintenance from WordPress. I would not like to bypass them. That would seem a bit unfair…



    You always have the option of paying a techie to set up a WP.org site for you, and it should be easy to import your blog here to that one. What I’m not sure of is whether WP.org has any better support for the Danish Language. You would have to ask over there.

    What I would ask Support here at this time is whether there is a timeline on fixing it, or whether it’s an ongoing and indefinite thing. You need to know that before you can make an informed decision. Use the email that responded to you, or the general Support one (since that one’s always monitored by someone) and be sure to copy all relevant info into each one, if only as a PS.




    I created this morning a new blog under my account. Editing is not possible, cause I’m getting a message saying I’m not allowed to do this. Changing the theme works but other functions are not running. If I choose this block on my general dashboard the wwordpress.com appears.

    Strange !

    My other blogs are running fine.


    1. Raincoaster which email address is that? The general one you talk about?

    2. WordPress worked perfectly until a few days ago. We had no problems with the Danish letters. Then it started.

    3. It is not just me. I just found an other Danish blog out of order:





    Use Support at WordPress dot Com. Give them all the info PLUS a link to this thread.


    Roger that, Raincoaster! :-D

    It is apparently a Scandinavian problem. Here we have a Norwegian blog partially out of order. The Norwegian language uses the same special letters. It is listed on WordPress under “Norge (bokmål)”.



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