i am signed in, but can’t do anything else after, keep getting the sign in page

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    It says that I am signed into my account, but any time I try to do anything, like put a new post up it says that i have to re-sign in. But, i am not able to sign in again, even after i sign out. It just keeps giving me the sign in screen over and over again. I am quite frustrated since this is how i post blogs for my only Online distance class for the University at Buffalo, NY and these blogs are the only thing i am graded on for the semester. I HAVE to post a few more blogs this month or my grades will suffer. Please respond and let me know what the problem is and how i can fix it. Thank You.

    Nick Wagner
    (email redacted)



    Me too. I couldn’t log in from IE, so I switched to Firefox and it let me make one post. After I clicked away, Firefox was just like IE: ie, I couldn’t sign in, just get kicked back to the empty boxes on the login page.

    For anyone reading this and currently able to post, I suggest you leave the blog Dashboard page open and DO NOT CLICK AWAY AT ALL or you’ll risk losing the ability to post or edit. Keep it open and the compy running until this problem is solved.



    The exact same thing is happening to me, Nick. If I discover what the problem is–I’ll certainly let you know.



    exact same problem… good luck fixing it, you guys!







    Fixed now. Thanks!

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