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I Am Still not small enough !

  1. I have shrunk my images three times with a resizer I just downloaded. It is now 240 x 186 (17.8 kb jpeg). So it does get uploaded to my blog and i did put it on linked to image, yet when someone wants to look at it, read it, it's too small. Damned if I do...etc...

    help please.


  2. I guess you are using the thumbnail instead of the image.

    On the "write post" editor, go to the "insert/edit image" and look at the "Image URL". If you find the word thumbnail attached to your image file name, just erase it.

  3. well, your images are way too small indeed (though good for palm-sized screens ;-).

    first, I'd *not* suggest you to shrink your 'full-screen' source images anything less than 640x480px, but at the same time wouldn't leave them wider than 800px (may not fit on 800x600 screens).

    next, to make thumbnails I'd resized each image so that its width would just equal to the column size of the current theme you use -- it already is a way too narrow on my mind (315px).

    this way thumbs should fit prefectly into the column -- no need to bother with floating.

    keep on trying

  4. An example of this might help as well. :)

  5. 17.6kb for an image that size is a bit strange - what quality settings are you using with the Jpeg (if any)? If you let me know which graphics software you're using I'll give you some tips on how to reduce the filesize without shrinking the image.

  6. strambinha - Thank you so much for this little gem of information. I've been tearing my hair out with the lack of information in the WordPress FAQ with regard to almost everything today and the images were the last straw. Mine not only will not center, despite me trying every HTML code trick I know, but it will not show full size either, this despite me following the instructions here:

    to the letter. grrrrrrrr...I'm about ready to find another home for my blog.

  7. Might help us help you if you gave a pointer to an example of what you were doing. We tear our hair out when folks complain that they can't do something but fail to tell us what they're doing.

    I see one picture right off on your blog and, in IE 6.0.2900, it's too large for the theme. You may want to try using a thumbnail for it that leads to the full size image.

  8. drmike - that's what I was trying to do! I thought that the image I put in would be thumbnail size in the post, but clicking on it would lead to the full size version. That isn't what happened as you noted.

    I'll give it some more attention today and see if I can get it to work.

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