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I am suddenly unable to access any of my admin pages

  1. Why can't I excess any of my admin pages?I've tried everything possible and this just occurred suddenly....I am unable to post a new post...edit any previous posts,check my notifications,or even check my stats...please help urgently...I am however able to read all other blogs aswel as comment and my internet seems to be working fine...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What happens when you go directly to your dashboard via this link:

  3. I can access my dashboard via the above link..I can view everything from there..I am also able to click on all widgets etc....however I still am not able to post or edit posts or edit existing pages even via my dashboard widgets....

  4. I can't even type a single letter in the post just doesn't appear...and the word count remains on zero...

  5. Can you try using a different browser and seeing if the problem persists?

  6. Give me an example of a different browser I could use please....I'm using my mobile....its a blackberry 9720

  7. Try using a computer then. With an iPhone you could use a web browser like Safari or Chrome. Not sure you can do that with a Blackberry.

  8. Ah, that may be the issue. The blackberry browser.

  9. Could it be?but that's strange because I've only always used my blackberry to post and I had no problem at all with the last 110 posts....howcome now suddenly there's a problem?can it be fixed?because I have no access to a computer....:(

  10. I will have to look into this a bit. I myself do not have a blackberry to test the situation.

  11. Just out of curiosity, are you able to make a comment on one of your posts?

  12. Yes I'm able to comment on my own posts and since I'm so desperate I've been posting in the comment section...I'm also able to comment on everyone elses blogs and I can read a limited amount of my notifications via other blogs...on the top right hand corner of some blogs...

    That's why I highly doubt its a problem with my phone..because I'm able to do everything but post or check my stats n notifications,and edit posts and pages...I think its a wordpress problem.....I really would appreciate if sumone could sort this problem out for me as its already a whole week gone by...thanks a lot for trying to assist though

  13. I am still trying to track down a Blackberry device for testing. However, in the meantime, have you seen this WordPress for Blackberry app:

  14. Thanx a billion....I've downloaded wordpress for blackberry and 'JOY'...I can post......thank you thank you thank you.....!but would still like to figure out what went wrong with

  15. Great to hear!

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