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I am trying to download wordpress as I want the plugins feature..

  1. but when I follow the instructions the screen says

    "You appear to have already installed WordPress."

    I am not sure why this is saying that. I have downloaded the pack from the main site, but it's just sitting in my documents. I have been a blogger for another blog in the past which used wordpress so I am guessing that has something to do with it? I have nothing to do with that blog now so is there a way of wiping my computer clean so I can set up a .org site?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You need to ask over at WordPress.ORG:

    wp.COM is different from wp.ORG! Read about the differences:

  3. It really doesn't sound like you're ready for an independent install. Sure, you've downloaded wordpress, but that doesn't mean you have gotten it online. You need to UPLOAD it to web space which you've rented or onto a server you own (with a special internet connection). Then you can get blogging. When it just sits on your computer, it's not a blog; it's just software.

    When you say you want plugins, what do you mean? Plugins are just programs that do things. If you tell us what you want to accomplish, we can probably tell you how to get it to work with a blog here at

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