I am trying to install an interactive map for my travel blog?

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    How do I install an interactive map? the instructions on websites refer to ‘plug ins’, but I cannot seem to find these on my dashboard, and am stuck?

    I have the free version of WordPress, and am very new to this as a pensioner just about to set off on travels, so please don’t be too technical? :-)
    Blog url: http://rozfoad.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is rozfoad.wordpress.com.


    Plugins are not permitted:


    Neither is Javascript or other coding which might be used to make your idea work.



    You can insert a Google map and stick the pins in the map and have links from the pins – the map can be panned around and the scale changed – never quite sure what “interactive map” means –



    Thank you so much Auxclass, Googlemaps was the answer, although for some reason the drawing lines bit on Googlemaps doesn’t work, but the map itself does, and link from my page works brilliantly!!



    I find drawing lines on Google Maps to be very difficult and poorly implemented – the link below has a link to a Google Map that I am doing for some friends – the link goes to a point that is close to the end of the trip line so visitors don’t need to pan south 900 miles to see where my friends are now – there is a Send a link option for the points – I sent myself an email that had the link in it then embedded the link in the Post –


    Then to add insult to injury Google Maps combined lines and points from a test map into the real map – so I have deleted the points which for some reason also deleted them from the test map – I spent a lot of time last night working on the map – but – my friends have a click on link the opens the map showing where they are now

    You be welcome & Good luck with your blog –

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