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I am trying to put a picture in a text on my side bar but its not working. help

  1. Well this is the code i put in the text

    <img src="<img src="">" alt="coolpic" />

    but the picture isnt showing up.

  2. The image URL doesn't work. You have to be logged into Hotmail to see it. I would suggest downloading it to your desktop and uploading it to your space and then using that URL in the tag.

    You're also putting an image tag within an image tag. You may want to check your coding.

    Hope thi shelps,

  3. oh, so do i have to find the whole code again?

  4. No, what you need to do is save the image to your desktop, upload it to your space and then use that URL in your sidebar.

  5. oh thx, i get it :)

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