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I am trying to use a Theme I found and I've gotten lost

  1. I found a theme. I found a tutorial on how to upload my theme. I extracted the files correctly. I downloaded Filezilla. I saw her type in a host, username and password. Then started scratching my head.

    I just want to use a nicer theme that fits me better. Do I have to host my blog in order to do this? If so where do I go next so that I have a host, username and password to type into to on Filezilla. If you can point me in the direction of another detailed tutorial that would be nice.

    Thank you

  2. We don't allow users to upload themes on You would need to use the self-hosted version of WordPress. You can get support at

  3. That tutorial didn't say the same but anyway, where do I get self-hosted version?

  4. Yes, I see that, but I download and then what? I still don't get the hosting part. By downloading this will I then be able to change the theme or is there more, because if there is much more to do then I might like to change my mind already.

  5. You need a hosting account and domain name where you would install the WordPress software. Please visit for all questions about the self-hosted version of WordPress.

  6. Just to change a theme. Its not even that important. Thank you

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